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Farmers & Ranchers | Rural Brands

The OSM Family



If you look closely at our logo, you will see the stacked OSM creates the shape of a person. Every service we offer, the words we write, and the content we share are with you in mind. We want to see you succeed and your communities flourish because of it.

Our goal is to be a place you and your God-given dreams feel protected, seen, and refreshed. We strive to help you lay a strong foundation in understanding who you are that can be built upon for generations to come. Lastly, we gift you with a community to support you as you work toward your goals and dreams.

Rural Brands

Small Business are the Backbone of Communities

During my senior year of college, I had the opportunity to intern with Blue-Eyed Buffalo, one of our local downtown merchants. In my time there I discovered a community that supported each other and worked hard to see their clients and businesses flourish. The people behind the storefront are the backbone of their communities.

However, I also saw a need. These small business owners and the people who work for them wear many hats and pour out everything they have into their business and community. That being said, time is a hot commodity. There isn't time in the day to get everything accomplished. at any moment you could be receiving products, working a sale, trying to post on social media, running the finances, you name it. Let's be honest, out of everything you are doing social media tends to fall to the back burner. I get it! You do a lot. 

I want to help elevate the pressure.

Farmers & Ranchers


Farmers, ranchers, and those associated with the agricultural industry are some of the most under appreciated and misrepresented in the world. You work 80 weeks to feed and clothe the world. You rise in the early morning hours to check crops and cattle. You spend late nights harvesting fields and bringing new life into the world. You cry bitter tears when a calf dies or a storm tears through the crop you were growing in order to feed and clothe others.

Your story is worth telling.

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